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  • Study regularly – Research has shown that it’s better to study for 30 minutes every day than to spend 2 hours once a week!
  • Listen to the radio and watch some English TV every day. Here in Saudi Arabia the national English TV and radio channels present some very interesting programs.
  • Read the English newspapers – you will learn lots of new words and common expressions, again the nationally produced English newspapers are an excellent place to start.
  • Speak English as much as you can inside and outside class. Every bit of practice will really help your fluency, accuracy and your confidence.
  • Keep a diary so you can write a little English every day. This will help you practice all the tenses in writing. Don’t rush. Write slowly and use a dictionary and /or grammar books.
  • Start a vocabulary book, and write down each new word you learn, write sentences using those words. You could even write the translation if you find that helpful.
  • Make word cards, with English on one side and the meaning and translation on the other, carry them in your bag so when you have a little free time you can practice them.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help!